From an email to St Molua’s from Christian Aid Ireland

This Christian Aid Week has been different from the rest, in ways that none of us could have predicted just a few months ago! Our own lives changed as we adapted to the ‘new normal’ of lockdown, all while need has been increasing rapidly in the countries we support.

We’ve seen backyard art exhibitions, indoor mountain climbs, home haircuts and many, many Zoom quizzes. There have been virtual services and coffee mornings and even a lockdown Olympics, all keeping a safe social distance to protect our families, friends and communities from the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus is now impacting every country we work in; affecting people’s health but also the ability of Mums and Dads to feed their families. If you have already donated or supported this year’s Christian Aid Week campaign – thank you so much… if not, there’s still time to help. Your gift could save lives.

We have already reached nearly 300,000 people (and counting) with hygiene facilities and 40,000 with essential food packages as we continue our work of helping the most vulnerable people and fighting poverty. Your support can provide soap and clean water for hand-washing, equip health facilities with vital PPE and resources, train frontline workers and keep communities informed on how coronavirus spreads.

You can find out more by clicking here.

We’ll be there for as long as it takes, and we hope you will too. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you.

Ruth Cooke
Head of Fundraising and Supporter Engagement
Christian Aid Ireland

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