Bishop opens Diocesan Lebanon Appeal

Bishop David has written to every parish in the diocese and asked them to give generously towards the relief of suffering in Lebanon following the massive explosion in Beirut.

The terrible images of the explosion evoked for him, very personal memories of his visit to the country a few years ago as a guest of Open Doors. Bishop David visited refugee camps and heard at first hand the stories of Syrian refugees caught up in the war. He says: “I was humbled and hugely impressed by the energy, resolve, and creativity of the network of small churches in the region who were reaching out in Christ’s name to these distressed and traumatised people.”

The suffering caused by the explosion is incalculable and clearly it will take generations to rebuild Lebanon’s already fragile infrastructure. There is however an immediate crisis to address.

Parishes may want to give through already established links, however Bishop David has opened the Diocesan Lebanon Appeal to allow monies to go directly to a fund managed by Open Doors. Their relief effort is specifically targeted at Kurdish refugees from Syria who are among the most vulnerable in Lebanese society.

“Open Doors are working with a coalition of small non-government organisations and churches who are reaching the poorest and most marginalised to provide medicines, medical and psychiatric services, and essential humanitarian aid and food. Smaller organisations are more agile at times like this. I know those personally directing operations and all donations will go to those most in need.”

Parishioners at St Molua’s will have an opportunity to give to the fund through a retiring collection at morning worship on Sunday 23 and 30 August. If you are unable to attend the services in person, please contact the rector about giving to the fund and please continue to pray for Lebanon as we come alongside the church in this hour of distress and need.

Please give generously and continue to pray:
  • For everyone in Lebanon affected by the blast; in particular those who have been injured or who are grieving for loved ones who have died
  • For churches and Open Doors partners in the region and all those they serve; ask God to comfort, strengthen and provide everything they need
  • That God would pour out His healing and His Spirit on Lebanon.

Find out more about the work of Open Doors in Beirut here.

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