St Patrick’s Day 2021

Online events and resources for St Patrick’s Day, Wednesday 17 March

Unfortunately there are no ‘in-person’ events this year.

Collect for St Patrick’s Day

Almighty God, in your providence you chose your servant Patrick to be the apostle of the Irish people, to bring those who were wandering in darkness and error to the true light and knowledge of your Word: Grant that walking in that light we may come at last to the light of everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

10.00 am

In these COVID times when we cannot make our usual St Patrick’s Day prayer pilgrimage, we invite you on this virtual pilgrimage walk inspired by Patrick’s journey from slave to fearless missionary. Filmed amidst the stunning scenery surrounding Downpatrick, pilgrim Glynis Matchett leads us in prayer as we reflect on Patrick’s faith and passion for the Gospel. Glynis’ route takes her from Saul to the Mearne Well, along the banks of the Quoile and onto the Mound of Down. From there she walks to Patrick’s traditional resting place at Down Cathedral where she is welcomed by Dean Henry Hull.  

12.00 noon

Unable to gather for in–person worship, a service to mark St Patrick’s heritage to us was livestreamed from Down Cathedral at 12.00 noon. Dean Henry Hull welcomed viewers, Bishop David led the service and guest speakers, Patrick Regan OBE, and singer–songwriter Andy Flannagan joined us by video. 

Conscious that the past year has seen many thousands of people face traumatic situations and significant mental health issues, the diocese had chosen the theme ‘When Faith Gets Shaken’. Patrick Regan is the author of a book by the same name and founder and CEO of mental health charity Kintsugi Hope

Drawing on their own experiences, Patrick and Andy encouraged us to be honest with God in lament and to trust that he brings beauty from our brokenness. Andy sang two pieces – Fragile and a song of complaint based on Psalm 142.

We’re grateful to soloist Ruth Thompson who sang two songs – What Grace is Mine and Christ Be Beside Me – and to the Cathedral organist, Michael McCracken.

Following the service, several local clergy gathered at St Patrick’s grave for a socially distanced wreath laying. Keeping with the focus on mental wellbeing, the wreath was laid by Mr Jackie Breen a Senior Mental Health Nurse based at Finneston House in Downpatrick.

The service can be viewed here.

8.00 pm

In the evening, the video below was released that looks at what the ministry of Patrick says to today’s church in today’s Ireland. Along with others we will be encouraged and challenged to follow in Patrick’s footsteps in our day in today’s Ireland.

Available from 8.00pm 17 March 2021

Worship for St Patrick’s Day…/lectionary/daily-prayer

To coincide with the St Patrick’s Day theme, ‘When Faith Gets Shaken’ with speaker and author Patrick Regan, The Book Well has a special offer on two of Patrick’s books.

‘Bouncing Forwards’ is coming out on 25 March and if you preorder this title you can purchase ‘When Faith Gets Shaken’ at half price. 

Visit the link and use the promotional code REGANOFFER at the checkout. Make sure both books are in your basket.

We’re also really excited to share a Muddy Trail for St Patrick’s Day specially created for the diocese by the founder of Muddy Church, Lucie Hutson.

The Muddy St Patrick’s Prayer Trail has five pages that walk us through The Prayer of St Patrick’s Breastplate and invite us to pause and think of what this means for our lives. There is also an additional page with two activities to help us engage and reflect. 

Families and individuals could use the prayer pathway on 17 March or divide it up to use over a number of days.

Parishes can print it out for families, make up some packs, print it small and attach it to a keyring, send one out each day on social media site or post the whole idea. 

Use it in the garden, in the park, on a walk around the neighbourhood – whatever works best! It’s a great way to remember our Patron Saint and the history of our faith. 

Download the Muddy St Patrick’s Prayer Trail here.

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