Christian Aid Week 2021

The climate crisis is having a significant impact on communities in Kenya. The main problem is the lack of access to a reliable source of water to help them withstand the unpredictable weather made worse through the climate crisis.The coronavirus pandemic has only increased the urgent need for families to access a reliable source of water for hand-washing. In Kitui county, eastern Kenya, 8 out of 10 people depend on water to grow crops, for food and to earn a living. Without a reliable water source, staple crops like maize and beans are damaged and destroyed.

This is the little video about Florence that was mentioned during this morning’s service in church. Thanks to Christian Aid donations, Florence and her community have built a water dam. The dam gives them strength to withstand even the most unpredictable weather. It’s a reliable water source, whether they face long drought or relentless rainstorms.

Through Christian Aid donations this year, we can help another community build a dam. Many more people will have the water they need to sustain their families, we can help more people like Florence to thrive.

You can donate online via the Christian Aid website, or if you would like to donate through our collection in church, please contact the rector for a Christian Aid envelope.

For further information on this year’s appeal see

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