An earthquake struck Turkey and Syria early on Monday morning and it was felt in Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. Christelle Hayek, team coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Lebanon, has written a blog to help us pray for everyone who has been affected by this earthquake.

Click here to read the blog.

Pete Gregg, co-founder at 24-7 Prayer, adds

So how (really) do I #prayforTurkey and #PrayforSyria? We know that devastation has come to these two great Bible lands, thousands have died, and it’s natural to feel helpless – wanting to pray but not knowing how. That’s why I find it helpful to focus my prayers on 4x “P’s” –

(1) PEOPLE affected
Comfort for those suddenly grieving the tragic loss of loved ones, those who’ve lost homes, those injured and scared.

Resilience and resource for NGO’s, frontline workers, medics, search and rescue teams etc.

Wisdom to co-operate & communicate well, making good and speedy decisions for those worst afflicted.

Strength as they process their own trauma whilst also seeking to bind up broken hearts, caring for the poor, arranging funerals, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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