Butterflies of Hope at St Molua’s

As well as the beautiful weatherproof butterflies outside, our butterflies formed the backdrop to our Harvest Thanksgiving service on Sunday 27 September. Notice how creative they all are – We wish we could show them all individually! Some have been beautifully coloured (by ALL AGES!) using felt tips and pencils, others using glitter, coloured paper,Continue reading “Butterflies of Hope at St Molua’s”

Butterflies of Hope

We have started displaying some of our butterflies inside the windows of St Molua’s, looking out. Whilst they are colourful, these are plain… (they’re too far away to read). But there’s still time to get creative! Think about: What has brought you HOPE during this pandemic? Friends, family, church, God, a favourite Bible verse? WRITEContinue reading “Butterflies of Hope”

Kingdom Women 2020 Online

New Wine Ireland has a vision that, in our generation, we will see churches across Ireland renewed and restored in passion for the Word and Works of God; that we will see individuals and families transformed by meeting Jesus and empowered by his Holy Spirit and this will impact our society; and that Christians willContinue reading “Kingdom Women 2020 Online”

Butterflies of Hope Competition

Down and Dromore Youth and Children (DDYC) has launched an exciting competition for September. Butterflies of Hope is an encouragement to the whole church family to send out a message of blessing and hope to the community and beyond. As many of our ministries can connect again with local people face to face the butterfly provides aContinue reading “Butterflies of Hope Competition”

Alpha Online Course starting September

Following the success of the last Diocesan online Alpha Course we’re going again! In these times of continuing uncertainty, why not join us to explore the big questions of life and faith? All from the comfort of your own home.  Beginning on Tuesday 29 September at 7.30 pm, Alpha is a series of 12 sessions exploringContinue reading “Alpha Online Course starting September”

Bible Week begins

‘Don’t miss this moment’ is the theme for Bible Week 2020 in Belfast Cathedral and online. Our speaker over four nights, starting Tuesday 1 September, is Peter Lynas, Evangelical Alliance UK Director. We’re going to explore through scripture, the challenges and opportunities facing the church in this unique moment. Don’t miss this moment and don’tContinue reading “Bible Week begins”