Select Vestry

The select vestry is the group of parishioners which takes responsibility for the decision-making and day-today management of a parish. Responsibilities include managing parish business and finance; the care of buildings, their contents and surroundings; ensuring compliance with State and Church regulations and attending to the welfare, mission and vision of the parish.

The select vestry is formed each year at the annual general meeting of the parish (often referred to as the Easter General Vestry). The Rector appoints a Churchwarden and Glebewarden. Members of the General Vestry elect corresponding office bearers on behalf of the people. Up to 12 further members are then elected by the General Vestry to serve on the select vestry for the coming year. Meetings of the select vestry at St Molua’s are normally held on the third Monday of each month (except July and August) and are chaired by the Rector.

General Vestry
Lay members of the parish are encouraged to register to be on the General Vestry which meets annually around Easter time. Being a member of the General Vestry entitles a person to vote at the annual general meeting and to stand for election to the Select Vestry. Requirements for registration are that the person is at least 18 years old and has made a recordable contribution to church funds.

Role of Churchwardens
The specific duties of churchwardens may vary from church to church, depending on tradition and practice. Generally, the Rector’s churchwarden assists the Rector in all practical matters relating to services and the people’s churchwarden assists members and visitors attending services. In practice, the roles are very much a team effort at St Molua’s.

Role of Glebewardens
Glebewardens are appointed to assist the Rector and the diocesan glebes committee in the care and management of the glebe house (rectory) and lands. Practical tasks usually include arranging routine maintenance, repairs and inspections of parish buildings, furnishings and grounds.

Role of Select Vestry Members as Trustees
St Molua’s Church is registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (no. NIC102374). As such, select vestry members are charity Trustees and have ultimate responsibility for managing the activities of the parish, ensuring that it is solvent and well-run, and delivering its charitable outcomes.

Members of the St Molua’s Select Vestry for 2023/24 are:

David Beck (Hon. Treasurer)
Sharon Beck (Rector’s Churchwarden, Gift Aid Secretary and Data Controller)
David Blemings
Grace Blemings
Frances Hastie (People’s Glebewarden and Hon. Secretary)
Denis Hill (Rector’s Glebewarden)
Jean Hill (People’s Churchwarden)
Winnie Hill
Heather Loughridge
Helen Poots
Malcolm Stanley (Asst. Treasurer)
Edwina Tester
Margaret Turner
David Watkins

St Molua’s Church
Parish of Stormont
645 Upper Newtownards Road
Belfast BT4 3LR

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Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC102374

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