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The people of St Molua’s have long had an interest in environmental issues, dating back to the late 1970s when parishioners brought their used newspapers to be sent for recycling at a time before such schemes were widespread.

Recognising that concern for the environment is a fundamental responsibility of all Christian people as stewards of God’s creation, the Select Vestry adopted a parish environmental policy in December 1999. An Environmental Stewardship Committee was established to promote the policy and to raise awareness about environmental issues among parishioners.

‘Water Hippos’ (to reduce the amount of water used in older toilet cisterns) and energy efficient light bulbs were distributed, along with advice on other ways to save energy and resources. Eco matters featured heavily in our annual Harvest Services as we gave thanks for the fragile gifts of creation. In 2002, St Molua’s became the first church in Ireland to win the Eco-congregation award in recognition of our contribution to Environmental Stewardship.

More rapidly rising global temperatures, increasing pollution and the destruction of many of the planet’s ecosystems has prompted the establishment of a new Eco Group at St Molua’s. The aim of the Group is not only to continue our past efforts, but to pick up the pace in raising awareness of these issues and being much more active within our parish.

Current Eco Group members at St Molua’s are Camryn Hill, Aimee Anderson, Heather Loughridge, David Watkins and Sharon Beck. Get in touch if you would like more information or would like to join us.

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