Thank you for your generosity!

It’s Lent, but cast your mind back to Advent and Bishop David’s request to parishes to set aside Advent Sunday, 29 November 2020, as a special Gift Day. 

80% of what was given went towards local parish projects (at the discretion of each Select Vestry), and the remaining 20% was to be equally divided between our link diocese of Maridi in South Sudan and the diocese’s Church Planting Fund. 

We are delighted to announce that the total raised, across the diocese, for Maridi and Church Planting was £26,000. 

A sincere thank you to everyone who gave and apologies for the delay in making this total public. The diocese’s efforts to gather donations were severely hampered by the additional COVID restrictions put in place after Christmas. 

At the first opportunity an update will be provided on how the donation to Maridi Diocese has blessed our brothers and sisters in South Sudan.

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