Covid-19 restrictions update

With the recent easing of Covid-19 restrictions, there are some new updates for us here at St Molua’s. We recognise that the transmission rates are still high, therefore we must continue to do everything we can to keep everyone as safe as possible when in our buildings. Thank you for your continued support.

Covid symptoms Anyone who has (or think they might have) any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or are just generally feeling unwell, should be encouraged not to come to services or other meetings to avoid the risk of spreading the virus to others.

Hand sanitisers will continue to be available at the entrance to buildings and are to be used by everyone entering and leaving the premises.

Ventilation remains a significant mitigation against the spread of this airborne virus. Windows and doors should be open where possible to allow good airflow.

Contact Tracing is no longer required.

Social Distancing is no longer a requirement, but spacing is still encouraged in church buildings when people are seated together with others who they are not in regular contact with, particularly in the early stages of the easing of restrictions. 

Face coverings It is strongly recommended that they continue to be worn, for the time being, when people are in close contact with others inside. When entering and moving around inside a building and particularly during congregational singing, face coverings should be worn. 

Pastoral visitation is possible for clergy and lay visitors to visit in both care homes and hospitals, subject to the local situation and current regulations as stipulated on each site.

Parish organisations are permitted to meet in Church premises, provided thought is given to careful management of groups and their planned activities. The wearing of face coverings should be encouraged.

General With the current trajectory, and if there are no new variants or major increases in the spread or seriousness of the symptoms of the virus, then it is hoped that by Easter we should all be facing a much better situation as we move on into the summer months and beyond.

It has been a very difficult two-year period but the hard work, careful observance of the restrictions and general care for the well-being of the whole community has enabled us to reach this point in what has been one of the most difficult global situations in recent history.

We will continue to monitor the mitigations in place and when appropriate make changes as necessary.

St Molua’s Select Vestry 
21 February 2022

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