Ukraine Appeal

A charity connected to members of The Gathering (@ St Martin’s Church) is sending coaches to collect refugees fleeing the crisis in Ukraine and find them safe spaces.

There is a large container being sent from Northern Ireland to Romania very soon and the following are needed:

  • All toiletries, nappies, blankets, bedding with duvets and not just covers (washed).
  • NO clothes or shoes at this time though this might change, NO toys and NO food.

Churches and individuals can drop donated items into St Martin’s this week.

St Martin’s Church
88 Newtownards Road

One of the team will be around the following times for drop ins:

Tues 10am-3pm
Wed 11am-3pm
Fri 10am-3pm
Sun 11am to 2pm

Please contact Ross Munro if you need any more information or help with collection:

Tel: 07843064381

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