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It can feel difficult to persevere in prayer – especially when it’s a huge situation and our prayers seem small in comparison to the crisis.

Here are our 3 ways to keep praying for the crisis in Ukraine, but you can use them for any situation that you need encouragement for praying.

1. Pray in new ways

You might like to use our 60-minute prayer guide for Peace in Ukraine which contains creative prayer ideas to Pause, Rejoice and Reflect, Ask and Yield as you pray for the crisis.

60 minute prayer guide:

2. Pray with others

Standing with others who are passionate about praying too can bring encouragement and hope in challenging situations.

Ideas to make prayer meetings thrive:

3. Pray hope-filled prayers

The Bible is full of promises of God’s love and care for all people. You might like to find a biblical promise for the people and situation in Ukraine, and pray it every day.

Why not share this with someone and pray with them today?

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