Diocesan Bible Week 2022

Bible Week begins tomorrow evening, TUESDAY 30 AUGUST, at 7.45 pm in Willowfield Church 149 My Lady’s Road, Belfast, BT6 8FE. What better way to start the autumn term than to consider 4 ways in which the mission of God advances with our speaker, Revd John Coles. Let’s go FORWARD, TOGETHER

About John

John is Chair of Trustees for New Wine which he led from 2001–2014. John oversaw the development of New Wine from a summer conference to a network of leaders and churches, and then to a movement with a vision not only for renewal but church planting and social transformation. He continues to be involved in teaching and training church leaders. John and his wife Anne help lead a missional congregation who meet in a home in North London, with a vision to start other similar congregations.

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