Face coverings in churches

Since re-opening for public worship at the begining of August, we have continued to advise the use of face masks for services at St Molua’s. We have now received further advice from our church leaders that, in order to protect one another, you should wear a mask when in the church buildings (unless you are exempt from wearing one).

From a recent Church of Ireland statement:

It remains our responsibility to ensure that our services of worship are safe places for all who join with us. It has become increasingly clear that the wearing of face coverings, in conjunction with hand washing etc., is likely to reduce the spread of coronavirus, thus helping to protect others. Their use is therefore one way in which we can evidence protection for the most vulnerable, support for our health workers, and practical love for our neighbours.

Following further recent consultations with public health authorities, the Church of Ireland joins with Christian church leaders all over this island in formally recommending and encouraging the use of face coverings at all services of worship, along with the ongoing maintenance of 2 metre physical distancing, from Sunday 30th August 2020, and earlier if practicable.

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