Bears safely re-homed

Delighted that our Knit and Natter group were able to send their latest batch of trauma bears to a new home 😊

“Yesterday, Pamela, one of our ABI Coordinators over in Northern Ireland met with Michelle at the Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children (RBHSC). Michelle is one of the Play Therapists based on the Paul Ward where a majority of the children/young people we support receive their acute care. She was delighted to receive these ‘Trauma Bears’ from us which had been kindly donated by a local ‘Knit & Natter’ group.

The group meet at a church (St Molua’s) in Belfast and have been working on these ‘Trauma Bears’ over the last few weeks. They donated them to help and support the children on the ward. We hope the children love them. Massive thank you to everyone involved in the Knit & Natter group for making these lovely bears.”

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