Annual General Vestry Meeting

[Following postponement in March due to Covid-19]

You are invited to attend our

Annual General Vestry Meeting

This year’s meeting will be held in the Church* on Wednesday 7th October @ 7.30pm

We were unable to hold our Annual Easter Vestry meeting earlier this year. The Annual Meeting is important because it is the time when we as a parish elect the Select Vestry members. As this is a ‘Triennial Year’, we must also appoint Parochial Nominators and Diocesan Synod members. The purpose of this year’s meeting will primarily be to elect the Select Vestry and to formally receive the annual accounts.

In Down and Dromore all General Vestry meetings are to be held during the period 1st to 16th October and we are advised that: There is no Constitutional reason why, for this year only, existing vestry members cannot be re-elected on block – or with one or two alterations where there may be persons who cannot continue to serve. This would facilitate continuity until Easter 2021.

You can read all about the the Select Vestry and its functions at stmoluasonline/select-vestry

*There may be limited seating. Social distancing and sanitising measures will be in place, face coverings or masks to be worn.

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