Register of Vestry Members

The Register of General Vestry Members at St Molua’s is now open for review and is available for inspection upon request.

Those whose names appear on the register are eligible to vote at the Annual Easter Vestry Meeting and are eligible to be nominated and elected to the Select Vestry, subject to their consent.

Information on the General Vestry and the role of the Select Vestry is available at

If your name is not already on the Register of Vestry Members and you wish to have it added, you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age and subscribe to Church/Parish funds. Subscriptions must be contributed in such a manner that a receipt could be requested for them.
  • You must sign a Form of Declaration, which can be obtained from the Churchwardens, the Rector or from the Resources (forms) section of this website . These forms need to be signed and returned before Sunday 21st February 2021.

The Annual Review Meeting will take place on Monday 22nd February at 8pm. The Select Vestry will receive the Forms of Declaration, and if there are no objections, the names of all qualified persons who have completed Forms of Declaration shall be added to the Register. The names of those who are no longer qualified (that is those who have left the Parish or those who no longer subscribe to the Parish) will be removed from the Register. Please contact the Free Will Offering (FWO) recorder, Mrs Sharon Beck, if you wish to discuss your financial contributions to the parish.

St Molua’s is registered as an individual charity with the Charity Commission (N.I.)

Guidelines state that:

 “Each member of the Select Vestry is considered as a Trustee of their parish – that is nothing new in terms of their responsibilities, it is just that these have been formalised under charity legislation”.

The Supplementary Guidance on Charity Trustees provides this additional information for your assistance:

Anyone who is elected as a member of a Select Vestry must not be disqualified from being a trustee of a charity. Those disqualified under the Charities Act from acting as a trustee are anyone who:

  • has been convicted of an offence involving deception or dishonesty, unless the conviction is spent conviction under the Rehabilitation of Offenders (NI) Order 1978.
  • is an undischarged bankrupt or has made a voluntary arrangement with creditors.
  • has previously been removed as a trustee by the Commission or by the Court.
  • is subject to disqualification under company legislation.

It is the responsibility of anyone who might fall into any of these categories, not to make themselves available for election to the Select Vestry.

The Rector

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