4 Corners Festival

This year the Belfast 4 Corners Festival goes online – 30 events will be live-streamed from January 31 to February 7.

This year the theme is Breathe – from the Hebrew word Ruach which means ‘breath’ or ‘spirit’ – the source of life.

The organisers say:

We believe that the programme is a strong Festival that will bring Belfast together in these difficult times and do that in ways that will help us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our theme for 2021 is Breathe. In the times we are living through it has been necessary at times to stop and just breathe. Take a deep breath for some calming relief.

But we do not mean Breathe simply as a passive brief break in the Covid-19 difficulties. The Hebrew word for breath is ‘Ruach’. In the very first verses of Genesis Ruach is translated ‘spirit’ and is the very source of life. This is the Spirit of God hovering over the depths, creating a world.

We believe that God is still hovering. In 2021 the depths happen to be Coronavirus. So, the 2021 4 Corners Festival will seek to tap into that spirit and breathe hope into our city, fostering creativity and resilience as we respond to the challenges of the pandemic and the grace and imagination that will help us travel through it to a better world beyond.

Come and breathe with us.

Breathe in for our own need of grace… breathe out for the imagination that our society needs right now. Breathe…

Rev Steve Stockman & Fr Martin Magill
Co-Chairs and Co-Founders on behalf of
The 4 Corners Festival Organising Committee


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