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We save 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year by recycling, but do you ever think about how many crisp packets, cheese wrappers, bread bags, and all of those other hard-to-recycle items that you put into your general waste bin every year?

Many of those items can be recycled with a little extra effort, and even better, you can help raise money for good causes whilst doing so.

Local volunteer groups such as Terracycle East Belfast collect hard-to-recycle items that local councils can’t process and send them off to TerraCycle UK, who turn them into new resources, keeping them in circulation and out of landfill. Points are awarded based on the weight of the recycled items, which can then be converted into cash for good causes. The group recently passed the 1/2 tonne mark of hard to recycle waste sent to TerraCycle….what a fantastic achievement 😀

Check out this article to learn about the great work that Terracycle East Belfast is doing and how you can become involved.

Step it up this #RecycleWeek and help fight climate change together.

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