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Along with other churches in the area, St Molua’s acts as a collection point for parishioners and friends to donate non-perishable foodstuff and basic household necessities which are then taken to the Foodbank in nearby Dundonald village.

In April 2022 the Foodbank distributed 83 packs to feed 241 people with 2169 meals.

At this time of increasing financial difficulties for many in our community, the Foodbank would particularly welcome the following items:

Cuppa soup
Ladies deodorant

Chocolate / Sweets
Size 5 nappies

Items may be left in the porch of the church on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. You can keep a check on the Foodbank’s most needy requirements at stmoluasonline.com/food-bank/

Thank you for your support.

Dundonald foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust’s network of 428 foodbanks across the UK which provide emergency food to people in crisis and which work to tackle food poverty and hunger in local communities.

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