Eco Group update

December 2022

When we last reported to you at the beginning of the summer, the two-month-old Platinum Jubilee Garden was already well established. We are sure you will all agree that it has really flourished since, and has become a real focus of interest (and a talking point), as we have observed new growth and flowering month by month. Very soon we will be adding the final touch with the commemorative plaque and hope that the area brings a lot of pleasure, and pollinators, for many years to come.

Thank you all for continuing to support us by bringing along your used bread wrappers and crisp packets to church. We are very encouraged by the response and ask you to keep up the effort and perhaps be the conduit for friends’ and neighbours’ contributions? Every little helps!

Can we now suggest another way you could help as we all try to live more sustainably? Do you have any old, no longer useful glasses or sunglasses lurking in drawers at home? If so, we can take them off your hands. Please bring them along to church, drop them in the container provided in the porch and we will see that they are recycled via Specsavers, who have recently set up a partnership with MySpace, a recycling firm in Hull. At their plant the metal is separated from the plastic parts which are then melted down and refashioned into new products ranging from construction boards for furniture to play park equipment.

It really is through such small steps and heightened awareness that we can make a difference, especially when we always remember the now familiar motto: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We hope to extend our range of activities after the busy Christmas season and certainly when the better spring weather brings more outdoor opportunities. Keep a look out for further updates. As always, we would be very pleased to hear any ideas you may have for how we might widen our reach but more especially would love to welcome new members to the group.

Do feel free to get in touch with any of us.

Camryn Hill, Aimee Anderson, Heather Loughridge, David Watkins and Sharon Beck
St Molua’s Eco Group

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