St Patrick’s Day 2023

A reminder that Bishop David warmly invites you to the diocesan St Patrick’s Day celebrations on Friday 17 March. The highlight will be the Festival Service at Down Cathedral from 11.45am, followed by a complimentary ‘Picnic in the Pews’.

The day begins with Holy Communion at Saul and the Prayer Pilgrimage to the Cathedral where our guest speaker will be The Most Revd Laurent Mbanda, Archbishop of Rwanda.

The Most Revd Laurent Mbanda

Our theme is ‘Reconciliation’, a topic familiar to Archbishop Laurent who has been at the forefront of helping many in Rwanda deal with the impact and aftermath of the 1994 genocide.

Bishop David says: “I have asked Archbishop Laurent to help us to look together at how we can deal with some of the pain that continues to be part of life and living for many of us because of what we call ‘The Troubles’. All of us have a responsibility to continue to support, understand and pray for those who have been impacted by loss and trauma and I hope that this special day of worship and prayer will be a source of healing for many.”

The archbishop was himself a child refugee from the ethnic tensions that erupted into organised massacres in Rwanda in 1959. He fled to Burundi with his mother at the age of five and has written about his experiences in From Barefoot to Bishop: A Rwandan Refugee’s Journey. 

There will be a bus shuttle operating between the Mall in Downpatrick and Saul.

For more details and a full programme please visit…/12/st-patricks-day-2023

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